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Looking to buy a car online? If so, we get it. After all, with all the Carvana ads on TV, you’re probably tempted by the idea of online car buying. Here’s the thing, though — national online car buying sites aren’t any different than other internet retailers. Rather than get personalized service, you’ll deal with automated systems that are of little help when the process gets complicated. As for taking a Hyundai test-drive? Forget it — you just have to hope that your new or used car is everything it appears to be online.

When you shop at our Eddie Tourelle’s Northpark Hyundai, however, you’ll enjoy a customer-first approach that has always distinguished our business compared to other local car dealers nearby. We’ll walk you through all your options so you’re feeling confident when choosing your favorite new Hyundai Venue or Santa Fe for sale. That feeling is rare with online auto sales, so visit our Covington Hyundai dealership today and discover why in-person car shopping still remains the best way to buy a car — even in this modern, digitized age.

Buy a New Hyundai near Me

Though online car services advertise their convenience, they fail to mention the hassle that comes with a lack of dedicated local Hyundai sales and service teams. Our expert staff, meanwhile, knows all the latest Sonata specs or Tucson dimensions — and we also offer a full-scale Hyundai service center to boot. We’re especially known throughout southern Louisiana for our various Hyundai incentives and auto finance solutions as well. Will you find that kind of one-on-one financing assistance with online car buying services? Likely not. They promise that you can buy a car online and have it delivered, but beyond that you’re on your own. It’s just another reason you’ll want to buy from a local car dealership vs. Carvana or Vroom.

Why Should You Buy from a Local Dealership?

The answer is simple: service, selection, sales and satisfaction. At Eddie Tourelle’s Northpark Hyundai, our brick-and-mortar operation is the reason our customers are so loyal. When we shake hands with our customers, share laughs and conversation, and walk buyers through all the exciting new Hyundai Palisade interior features or Veloster performance options, we’re doing more than just transacting business — we’re building valued relationships with Covington Hyundai fans. For proof, just see Eddie Tourelle’s Northpark Hyundai reviews compared to those of Carvana or Vroom.

Benefit Eddie Tourelle’s Northpark Hyundai National Online Car Dealer Websites
Service Scheduling
Certified Service Technicians
Courtesy Transportation & Loaners
Personal Interactions
Supports Local Businesses
Free Appraisal & Guaranteed Trade-In Value, Even If You Don’t Buy
Comprehensive Vehicle Multipoint Inspections